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Genesis 11

Posted by New Westminster Chapel on January 23, 2012

Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the LORD confused the language of all the earth. And from there the LORD dispersed them over the face of all the earth. (Genesis 11:9)

Creativity is a beautiful and wonderful blessing from God.  Man who was made in the image of God has a God-given creative nature for the displaying of God’s glory in this world.  However, sin has distorted this divine arrangement.  Nevertheless, God remains sovereign and in control over all things.

In Genesis 11 we read of man’s ambition to make a name for himself.  This of course remains man’s problem today.  Everyone wants to be famous and autonomous.  At Babel, the people were determined to make a name for themselves and overthrow God. Their creativity and ingenuity was impressive and wonderful but its purpose was wrong and evil at the heart. They did not want to spread all over the earth like God commanded them and they wanted, to crown themselves their own lord and god by raising a tower in heaven!  But they failed – God would have none of it!

We can find two wonderful things in this – a solemn warning and great comfort. There is here a solemn warning that all who desire or pursue things which are contrary to God’s purpose and plans will inevitably fail miserably. We can also find great comfort in knowing that God’s plans will never fail, cannot be thwarted and that regardless of how things look, God will always be triumphant in His will and purpose in the end.

The Cross is the best illustration of this. Christ’s death on the cross seemed to many like a failed plan.  Yet God worked through that to conquer sin and the devil thereby winning a victory so great against all of man’s plans and sinful desires.  We would be wise today dearly beloved, to search our hearts, repent and begin to align all our desires and plans with infallible purposes of God!


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